LuaAV is a real-time audiovisual scripting environment based around the Lua scripting language and a collection of libraries for sound, graphics, and media protocols. The goal of LuaAV is to serve as a computational platform for creative exploration that is both fluid and generative. As with the Lua language, the design strategies for LuaAV favor mechanisms over implementation in order to keep its structure as clear, compact, dynamic, and reconfigurable as possible.
visit: LuaAV project page


Cosm is an integrated collection of externals and abstractions to assist the construction of navigable, sonified virtual worlds using Max.  Cosm enables the integrated composition of spatial and sonic realms with a basic set of primitive elements dealing with particles, fields, sound, and navigation that together form a seamless whole.
visit: cosm project page is an external for the Max environment.  It provides a Lua scripting environment along with direct bindings to OpenGL and the Jitter graphics library within Max.  It’s most useful as a replacement for or the Javascript object. can additionally load external modules, providing a highly extensible textual environment for Max.
download: [OS X] [Windows]


The xray.jit objects are a collection of Jitter externals for the Max environment. They provide a range of operations from data filtering and processing to physical simulation to 3D geometry and video manipulation.
download: [OS X] [Windows] [source]

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