LuaAV3: OSX Binary Release

We finally officially released the latest version of LuaAV after a lot of work this past fall.  This release has been all about making things more consistent and simpler in terms of naming and making the audio system more robust and flexible.  LuaAV now includes LLVM 2.8, which can JIT compile even the most complicated C++ code.  As a result, the audio system was rebuilt around the Gamma audio synthesis library, giving us a lot of DSP functions without much effort.

We have also worked hard on a documentation system for generating reference pages to make LuaAV easier to learn and use.  The documentation system can parse out annotations from both Lua and C/C++ source files in order to generate reference pages for the entire LuaAV ecosystem.  The documentation generating code is essentially a re-written LuaDoc with a simpler and more flexible interface.

What’s Next?

With the latest release, LuaAV is becoming both more stable and simpler to use.  We still have a fair amount of work to do to bring the Linux version to parity with the OSX version, however.  The next release of LuaAV will focus more on expanding the audio system to spatial audio and frequency domain processing and extending the space module with the Bullet Physics for better dynamics integration and spatial partitioning as well as the possibility of adding constraints.  Other improvements will include making the VideoRecorder functional, potentially some new geometry processing modules I’ve been kicking around and probably many other surprises!

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