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Folding and Difference

Continuing with the Fluids and Clusters idea, I’ve extended the simulation to include some more concepts from Topobiology.  I was particularly struck by the description of cortical tractor model of neural tube formation.  In essence, the model describes a process … Continue reading

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Fluids and Clusters

I’ve been going through Gerald Edelman’s Topobiology book and mapping the descriptions of morphogenetic operations to particle systems as an attempt to come at the design of TopoSynth from another angle.  As a first pass, I’ve been looking at how … Continue reading

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TopoSynth Experiments

I’ve been playing with TopoSynth some more recently, trying to wrap my head around how to setup the generating rules.  There’s a lot to chew on, particularly in how dynamics gets mapped into the system.  Right now, I’m trying to … Continue reading

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